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ASDIN Officer and Councilor Candidates 2016



ASDIN President-Elect


Monnie Wasse, MD, MPH, FASN

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine where I also serve as Director of Interventional Nephrology.  I have been a member of ASDIN since 2004 and currently serve as ASDIN Secretary-Treasurer and as a Councilor. I have served as the Program Co-Chair for the Annual ASDIN meeting, and on multiple ASDIN committees, including Finance, Clinical Practice, Certification and Accreditation, Education, and Research. As a leading organization, ASDIN has made significant contributions to patient care by bringing attention to the importance of quality selection, creation and maintenance of dialysis vascular access and by promoting vascular access education and training of committed nephrologists. I would like to see ASDIN continue to have a major impact by including other nursing and physician partners, and collaborating with like-minded societies to improve the daily care of dialysis patients and to foster innovative techniques and therapies targeting vascular access dysfunction. ​


ASDIN Secretary-Treasurer


I am honored to be nominated to serve ASDIN as Secretary/Treasurer. I am Professor of Medicine, Section Chief of Nephrology, Director of Interventional Nephrology (IN) and Associate Director of Clinical Scholarship at The Ohio State University. I also serve as Dialysis Medical Director, Chair Medical Advisory Committee and board member of NKF. I have served on IN Advisory Group of ASN, IN committee of ISN and the Vascular Access Advisory Panel of Renal Network. I have proudly served the ASDIN and IN community nationally and internationally as Councilor and as member of various committees over a decade. As Chair of Education Committee, I initiated publication of the IN Self-Assessment Program (INSAP). I have facilitated fellows precourse in vascular access, annual scientific meetings and multiple international collaborations. I serve in editorial roles in Seminars in Dialysis and The Open Urology and Nephrology Journal. I have published textbooks and manuscripts on IN. As Secretary/Treasurer, I will use my experience and resources to fortify the financial base of ASDIN. I will strive for new opportunities for teaching, training, collaboration with industry, and expanded global collaboration of ALL stakeholders (physicians, associates, administrators, RPA, ASN, ISN, sister societies) to widen the impact of ASDIN’s goal of improving access care.





ASDIN Councilor Candidates 2016


After finishing my Medical College of Wisconsin residency/chief residency in 2006, I began nephrology fellowship at the University of Wisconsin.  I stayed on as assistant professor in 2008 and trained as an ASDIN-certified nephrologist.  

In 2009, I was appointed medical director of Home Dialysis.  In 2011, I was appointed clinical chief.  I have been invited to participate in leadership positions in a variety of national meetings including ASN, NKF, ADC, ASAIO, VEITH, CiDA, and ASDIN.  I served on the NKF planning committee for the 2011 and 2012 spring clinical meetings. In 2010, I was the pre-course chair of the ASDIN conference and, in 2012, I was the ASN PGE program chair of the IN course.  In 2015, I was chair of the ASDIN meeting.  I currently serve on the ASDIN certification committee and chair the training subcommittee.

I believe ASDIN is positioned to establish its mission of providing the best care of dialysis patients through the training, education and certification of interventional physicians.  Through our associate and membership collaboration with other organizations, we are influencing the future landscape of vascular access through grants, innovation (KHI) and guidelines (KDOQI update).  I hope to be a part of this exciting time as an ASDIN Councilor.



Rajiv Dhamija, MD

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve the ASDIN membership.  My vision is for ASDIN to enhance the existing strong foundations promoting clinicians, clinical excellence and creating evidence based cutting edge research and resources for promotion of patients with debilitating Kidney conditions.


ASDIN for me has been a great experience ever since I joined in 2008.   My current work on the 2016 ASDIN National Scientific Meeting Planning committee as well as being a current member of the INAG committee for ASN (Interventional Nephrology Action Group-American Society of Nephrology) allows me to be influential promoting Nephrologists and our patients.  I am also actively serving on the ASDIN Accreditation committee as well as the Education subcommittee for monthly case presentations. I also actively serve on the NEPHSAP and KSAP content and question editorial board since 2008.


Specifically I am determined to help establish more ASDIN accredited teaching centers encouraging Interventional Nephrology clinical practice, research and training. By simplifying accreditation and certification requirements while still maintaining high standards we can encourage more Interventional Nephrologists to be trained and provide high quality of care and patient satisfaction.


I look forward to further serving the ASDIN membership if elected for the esteemed councilor position. 

Marius C. Florescu, MD

I have been an interventional nephrologist for 7 years and I am currently an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Prior to moving to US I have been a head and neck surgeon in Romania. 

I served or I continue to serve in the following ASDIN committees: Accreditation, Awards, Research,  Kidney Health Initiative (ASDIN and FDA).

I participated in the organization of the 2015 ASDIN annual meeting and chaired a panel discussion.

Regarding ASDIN vision, I think we have to return ASDIN to support the average Interventional Nephrologist. We ventured too far into advanced vascular surgery. Although a small number of nephrologists are involved in vascular surgery, the large majority of interventional nephrologists are performing endovascular procedures only. Our society should advance their work, their procedures, their research to develop endovascular techniques that would fit our interventionalists first. We are witnessing a revolution in endovascular techniques in cardiology and vascular surgery but Interventional Nephrology is lagging behind. This is the front we need to advance in the following years.  We badly need new endovascular techniques in our specialty and our society should focus its effort in this direction. 





David Fox, MD, FACS, RPVI

I am honored to be nominated for a position as ASDIN Councilor.


I am a vascular surgeon in New York City. I have been in practice for 17 years. A major focus of my practice is the creation and maintenance of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis access. I perform interventional procedures in my office-based access center and am an attending surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital and Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.


I have actively served ASDIN for several years. I served as Co-Chair of the 2014 ASDIN Annual Scientific Meeting and have authored peer-reviewed publications on av access surgery and intervention.  I am a frequent speaker at national meetings.


I am a consultant to several organizations focused on the care of ESRD patients, including the Fistula-First/Catheter Last Workgroup Coalition, IPRO – Network Coordinating Center for Medicare ESRD Quality Improvement Project. I am a Member of New York State Department of Health, Office of Quality and Patient Safety Office Based Surgery Advisory Committee Vascular Access QI group.


I would like to help ASDIN continue its mission as a leading organization promoting excellence in the creation and maintenance of dialysis access and the care of ESRD patients.




Lalathaksha Kumbar, MD

I am currently the Section Chief of Interventional Nephrology at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. My initial experience in interventional nephrology was in free standing access center setup. In my current role, I actively helped to develop an interventional nephrology program by forging a multidisciplinary team approach. Novel educational tools for teaching to nephrology fellows were developed. The scope of practice was furthered with introduction of Peritoneal Dialysis catheter insertion program in hospital based setting and reintroduced kidney biopsy by fellows program, a skill on the verge of extinction. I have been the primary investigator of many clinical trials. Serving on editorial board of Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease, I guest edited a special issue on access care. Two weeks interventional nephrology course at SRMC, Chennai, India was conducted by me as an educational ambassador of ISN. I serve on ASDIN accreditation subcommittee, actively participated in site visits for accreditation and helped develop international IN program accreditation criteria. I believe with time, reinvention is necessary for maintaining relevance. In this new era of change, given my diverse experience, I envision myself to be in the forefront of this change for ASDIN. 




Rajeev Narayan, MD

I am an Interventional Nephrologist with the Lifeline System since November 2008. I have been on the ASDIN Council for the past 2 years and on the ASDIN Communication committee. I have had the opportunity to present at the ASDIN Meetings. My particular area of interest is in peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion by nephrologists. My vision for ASDIN is to continue to grow the organization through outreach to not only Interventional Nephrologists and to potential Associate Members but also Non-Interventional Nephrologists and other providers who are interested in and perform a significant number of procedures related to dialysis access.






Adrian Sequeira, MD, FACP, FASN, FASDIN

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine and an active ASDIN member since 2009. I am ASDIN certified in PD catheter placement as well as vascular access procedures and serve on the ASDIN PD certification committee. In addition, I am a Fellow of the ACP, ASN and ASDIN (class of 2016).

I strongly support ASDIN's academic mission. I have been involved in the training of several nephrology fellows who have gone on to have successful interventional careers. At LSU, we have collaborated with Vascular Surgery over various trials involving dialysis access. I have authored several publications, book chapters and contributed to INSAP. I have been a speaker and workshop teacher at several interventional pre-courses organized by ASN, NKF and ASDIN and have educated nurses on dialysis access at local ANNA meetings.

ASDIN has blossomed since its inception and should grow and evolve with the times. Increased collaborative efforts with private industry and well as academic institutions and interventional specialties around the world will ensure this goal. I would also like to see ASDIN play a pivotal role in evolving standards for training and participate in innovative research thereby ensuring quality of care to our patient population.  

Tushar Vachharajani, MD, FASN

I feel privileged to be re-nominated to serve ASDIN as a Councilor. I have served in various Leadership positions and continue to do so as Chair of the International Committee and Member of Clinical Practice and Education Committees. I developed the International Committee and helped draft the ASDIN International Speaker Sponsorship Guidelines, as well as the Policy on Endorsement and Support of Meetings & Workshops. I helped establish a partnership agreement with the International Society of Nephrology and organize the first ASDIN-ISN supported International Meeting in Seoul, Korea (August 2015). I was Co-Chair of the 10th Annual ASDIN Meeting besides being invited as faculty at various national and international meetings. I am well recognized as a leader and expert in the field of IN serving as Chair of the IN Committee of ISN; Consultant to Fistula First Catheter Last Coalition; Member of the NKF Vascular Access Guidelines 2015 Update Committee; Member of the IN Advisory Group of ASN (2nd term); and National Chair of the Vascular Access Committee of the Department of Veterans Affairs. If re-elected as a Councilor, I will use my global standing and recognition to promote ASDIN’s mission of improving dialysis access care worldwide.


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